8wake Stylish Polarized Sunglasses for Every Season

by FOKaL on September 20, 2013

8wake Stylish Polarized Sunglasses for Every Season

Autumn is definitely here in full effect! Say goodbye to the sweltering days of summer and prepare for the last months of outdoor fun before snow hits the ground – it’s time to warm up that wardrobe to accommodate the changing season. We recently got the chance to demo a great pair of designer shades from 8wake, reminding us that sunglasses are more than just a summertime accessory.

We absolutely love the style! We also love that they’re reasonably priced, and offer polarized lenses at no extra cost – even the big name labels charge extra for polarization.

It’s hard to find designer glasses without the huge markup so it’s nice encounter a brand like 8wake just in time for outdoor activities of autumn. Fall is, after all, one of the most favorable seasons for family reunions and you can’t forget those end-of-summer parties.

Meet Chester: Retro Fashion for Fall

Horn-rimmed sunglasses have been enjoying a major resurgence as a retro icon with incredible character; they add definition to oval faces and balance to long faces but remain versatile enough for anybody. Chester steps up to provide a hot modern interpretation of this timeless design.

Chester frames are curvaceous, sexy and sleek with a bit of a chic cat eye influence. The arms are straight at the temple with a seamless curve around the earpiece. Chester Black is a timeless design with simple gray tint to go with any outfit. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses in gorgeous autumn hues, check out the Chester Burnt-Brown Orange.

A Closer Look: the Sassafras Line

Sassafras is calm and cool – a more squared frame with a streamlined design, very easy on the eyes. Complement your autumn wardrobe with the Brown-Burnt shades, or check out Sassafras Black featuring sporty mirrored lenses.

We had the pleasure of getting a hands-on look at the collection and we have to say that these are some very nice-looking glasses, and the Sassafras Black lenses look even better up close. The cool blue mirrored effect is really fresh.

Behind the Designs at 8wake

The stylish frames are made of a super strong and light material called TR-90, which, as an added bonus can withstand the most extreme high and low temperatures (helpful for those of us who tend to forget our sunglasses on the dashboard). The ultra-light weight design and keyhole nose bridge ensure these stylish shades feel as good as they look.

Chester and Sassafras are unisex for super flexible appeal but if you’re buying as a gift or going for a certain look, we might choose Sassafras for a sportier attitude while Chester seems perfect for those with a hip laidback style. The black styles are urban and flexible, the burnt-brown organic and warm for autumn.

Polarized, affordable, stylish, quality construction – 8wake is a lifestyle brand, providing an active and cool outdoors look for people who want unique cool looking shades without the boutique markup.

Finding Your Own Fall Style

What do you look for when shopping for fall eyewear? Let us know what kind of sunglasses you plan to rock this fall and winter! We’d love to hear about your autumn fashion favorites. If you’re still in the market for a fresh pair of shades, click over tothe 8wake website to pick up a pair of polarized designer sunglasses and you’re set to go.

8wake Sassafras Black

8wake Chester Burnt Orange

8wake Designer Polarized Sunglasses for Every Season

8wake Designer Polarized Sunglasses for Every Season

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