A Fresh Look at Old Ways to Cover Ugly Appliances

by FOKaL on July 28, 2012

A Fresh Look at Old Ways to Cover Ugly Appliances

There are times when life has to come before design. Things like air conditioners and heating units aren’t pretty – but they work. Does this mean that you have to cast aside expectations of beauty and take the modern conveniences as they come, even if they put a cramp in your interior design plans? The answer is a resounding “no”.

Sometimes we have to hold onto unsightly appliances because they were a gift, or because upgrading wouldn’t make sense. And, of course, we’re all guilty of holding onto the blender that just won’t give up – nobody wants to throw away a device that still works!

So what can you do to improve the look of those appliances that seem to sap the style right out of a room? You can rely on the time-tested workarounds from back when pretty appliances were a rarity. We’re not going to suggest knitting toaster sweaters, but we are going to suggest a few ways that you can use fresh interpretations of old-school fixes on today’s less than appealing gadgets and fixtures.

Cover It Up

Wooden structures have replaced the traditional knit toaster sweater. Take any decorative wooden box, turn it upside down, and enjoy a cleaner looking countertop. You can even use wood glue to attach a few faux drawer faces and cute little handles. This can work for your coffee maker, microwave, spice rack, etc.

What about wall-bound objects? Radiator cabinets can be adapted for bigger annoyances, like large heating vents. Things like dehumidifiers for the home still have a long way to catch up in terms of beauty – you can’t cover them, but you can use a decorative screen to shield such necessities from view.

Give it a Coat of Paint

Paint is a classic fix. Unless you are using the object in question to cook food, you can probably get away with painting it. Heatproof paint is perfect for old radiator heaters and stovepipes. These things blend in so much better when they are the same color as the wall – but light colors don’t always work. Consider making that wall an accent wall and use a single playful color to turn that unsightly fixture into a source of character.

We’d like to hear your ideas: this post barely even begins to cover the possibilities!
We are curious to know how you have dealt with ugly appliances and permanent fixtures or even just your favorite appliance-related interior design ideas. The comment section is the perfect place to share your amazing reclamations.

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