A Guide to Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

by FOKaL on February 18, 2013

A Guide to Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

Redecorating a bedroom can seem a daunting task, but in reality it is just a matter of planning and evaluating the space and style of the room to get the most out it. The bedroom should be a haven of sleep and relaxation, so it is important to create an atmosphere that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Choose Fitted Furniture

The most effective way to use all of the space in your bedroom is to consider fitted bedroom furniture. Many people worry that having a fitted bedroom will be costly, but there are affordable options available to cater to any budget. Take a look at Betta Livings range of fitted bedroom furniture to see the great quality and wide range of options on offer.

Fitted furniture can give ceiling to floor options for storage and in tight spaces this can be an essential feature. Uniformity of style can also be maintained and the decor of the room can be incorporated neatly into the storage options.

Inject Character

Every room has a sense of character all of its own and this should be retained no matter what furniture is chosen. For example, if the room has a series of dark wooden beams in the ceiling, then fitted furniture can be created to complement this. If the bedroom is within the attic and the roof is sloping, angular furniture can add to the effect and bring the room together neatly.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can inject a touch of class to any modern room and give the illusion of space. With sliding wardrobe doors, mirrored finishes are a great contemporary option and can be fitted to reflect natural light around the room as a functional addition. Alternatively, freestanding or wall-mounted mirrors can act as a great design feature for any room.

Match the Colour Scheme

Bedroom furniture comes in a range of colours and materials, so no matter what the colour scheme of the room, there is always something that will match perfectly. From the palest hues of pink and yellow to the deepest shades of blue and purple, any room can be beautifully enhanced with the addition of furniture in complementary colours.

Take Advice

When it comes to choosing bedroom furniture, help is readily available from designers who analyse the space available and create clever and inventive ways to make the most of this. It is essential that you take this advice from experts wherever possible.

Whether modern or traditional, the range of bedroom furniture on offer not only provides a range of storage solutions, but also enhances the comfort of the room. With materials and styles to fit any budget or lifestyle, choosing bedroom furniture needn’t be a chore.

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