Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo

by FOKaL on March 8, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo

Fantastic Design Works has made it possible to take a trip down the fabled rabbit hole thanks to the Alice in Wonderland Restaurant, based on the 1951 animated film version of Alice in Wonderland.

Oh, how nostalgic it would be to dine within the leafy confines of the curious labyrinth – a real life tea party for the entire family, with no obligation to play croquet afterwards with the Queen of Hearts. The Alice in Wonderland Restaurant is brimming with towering books, dazzling chandeliers, and breathtaking murals for a dining experience not soon forgotten.

Fantasy touches every object, from vintage-inspired chairs to tables styled as playing cards. These imaginative details change from room to room, much like the magical scenes of the story.

Feel free to stop by our comment section and let us know about your favorite unusual restaurants – we always appreciate your modern design inspired stories and input.

via: WHATtheCOOL

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