Apple Dish by Olav Slingerland

by FOKaL on October 19, 2010

Apple Dish by Olav Slingerland

We’ve seldom seen a more functional ceramic bowl than the Apple Dish by Olav Slingerland.

This thoroughly modern fruit bowl is the perfect apple dish because it’s designed to let apples nestle stylishly into individual holders while fooling the eye. From most angles, it appears that the apples are simply sitting on the table with a ring around them, as the bottom half of the apple bowl is shaped to look like the bottom half of real apples.

Choose either apple red or green for the underside of the bowl depending on what type of apple you’ll be putting in them. Just add apples for a rather futuristic looking display that’s typical of Olav Slingerland’s playful design aesthetic.

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