Architect Guilherme Torres Studio in Brazil

by FOKaL on February 2, 2011

Architect Guilherme Torres Studio in Brazil

Guilherme Torres Studio is the culmination of an interesting set of circumstances that couldn’t have come together at a better place. Studio GT is a team built from the powerful principals of a singular line in a Daft Punk song: “work it harder, better, faster, make it over”. This is exactly what architect and furniture designer Guilherme Torres accomplished in his own private home, a former painting studio in Londrina, Brazil.

The creative interior design is a response to damages sustained due to the advancing age of the building, including cracked walls and faulty electrical wiring. As the relatively short restoration process was in motion, Torres undertook the creation of the fabulous wall-to-wall brick couch and nearby table. Black mattresses and colorful pillows clearly define this social zone, making it the focal point of the room. A sparkling chandelier overhangs delicate chairs and sturdy brick table contrasting industrial sensibility and the marvels of contemporary interior design. We love how the soft cream colored rug helps to offset the rigidity of the concrete construction increasing the aura of warmth.

The silver conduit flowing boldly across the concrete walls lead the eye on an adventurous path through this designer house. This particular design was inspired by Pritzker prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha, famous for exploration Brutalist architecture which involves displaying a space’s mechanical functions in an open and contemporary way.

A geometric black overhang acts as a false ceiling and boundary for the media area of the living room. The small kitchen shares this low ceiling and displays a beautiful Arabic tile inspired mosaic image. Bold stripes of black and white created by the counter and cabinets prevent this admittedly cramped-looking area from being too dark.

Studio GT screams modernity without being too minimal, balancing open space with interesting functional design.

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Architect Guilherme Torres Studio in Brazil

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