Attractive Alternatives to Blackout Window Treatments

by FOKaL on July 11, 2012

Attractive Alternatives to Blackout Window Treatments

Blackout curtains are great. The opaque lining provides excellent privacy at night while giving you the power to create on-demand darkness during the daytime – they’re extremely popular with people work the nightshift, travel often, or enjoy watching movies at home on a projector. They also keep the home cooler in the summer by reflecting the harsh rays of the sun.

The only thing we don’t like about blackout blinds is how impossible they are to find. Most stores only carry a limited selection and the designs aren’t always the freshest. These times call for some interior design ingenuity and a search for alternatives.

Plantation shutters are our first choice. We really like the look of hand crafted wooden shutters and honestly nothing beats the light blocking capabilities of solid wood. Though blackout blinds do provide excellent shade, they are sort of “on or off” much like a light switch. The adjustability of plantation shutters makes all of the difference.

Making Your Own Blackout Curtains

We have found that the best way to beat an unsatisfactory selection is to bypass premade items altogether and reap the benefits of DIY interior design.

Your local fabric store likely has everything you need – blackout lining is much more readily available than premade blackout curtains. With a little bit of sewing skill you can create your own curtains with custom fabric or simply sew the lining into an older curtain. Most blackout lining is actually white, so you don’t have to worry about restrictions on your fabric choices.

Okay, so maybe you don’t really want to bust out of the sewing machine. There are still other options! You can feel like you made your own shades by using a made-to-measure service like Hillarys Blinds, and choose your own fabrics with the help of an on-site consultant. It seems like an easy and fun solution if your interior design budget warrants such an investment.

So we have shutters, DIY blackout blinds, and sweet services like Hillarys. Do you have anything else to add? We would love to hear your window treatment ideas for blocking out the sun during the day. Sunlight is usually one of the most crucial interior design contributions that nature could make, but sometimes the absence of light is just as important.

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