Balancing Bathroom Accessibility with Family Friendly Usability

by FOKaL on March 4, 2013

Balancing Bathroom Accessibility with Family Friendly Usability

Building an accessible bathroom is a balancing act. Features that provide better usability for senior members of the family might make the bathroom less usable for young children, and features that work great for children are not generally designed with the best interest of adults in mind.

Keep in mind that multigenerational homes are not only on the rise but also present the biggest number of obstacles. Necessities like raised commodes or shower chairs are often lacking in the portability department, and when these items are difficult to move, they can definitely leave families looking for more versatile options.

The good news is that bathroom adaptations are growing more and more user-friendly and this makes them more family friendly in turn. This quick guide will help you discover a few innovations in the bathroom adaptation market that won’t take up too much space in your bathroom.

Versatile Toilet Solutions for Everyone

Raised commodes do a lot of good improving the quality of life for anyone who deals with stiff knees, trouble balancing, or pain when standing up or sitting down. The difference between a standard toilet and a raised commode is night and day in terms of comfort – unfortunately, some people do not like to use them, even after the doctor has recommended one, because they take up to too much space in a shared bathroom.

This does not have to be a problem. We really like raised commodes that have caster wheels, suitable for rolling into a closet after use. Some will even fold and if you find a high quality model that makes the folding process easier, you can store them away when the grandchildren come to visit. We also like the portable models that simply clamp onto the seat. Combine a portable seat riser with permanent toilet-side arm rests, and you have a simple and safe solution that suits everyone in the family.

Family Friendly Bathtubs with Easy Entry

Shower chairs and bath lifts are incredible pieces of technology but some of the standard models have quite a bit of bulk to them. They are difficult for younger children to move when they need to clean up in the morning before school. We love walk-in bathtubs for the convenience of a barrier free entry, with a lightweight and easily storable bath stool if necessary.

Our number one suggestion would be a spacious walk in bathtub with a secure, watertight door so that both bath and shower remain usable. We love the walk in baths from USMedicalSupplies – they have all types of preassembled units and even conversion kits so that you can modify your existing tub.

Eager to Making your Accessible Bathroom more Family Friendly?

We’re sure everybody in the family will enjoy their easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate bathroom, regardless of age and physical ability. Space your home improvements over time so that you can save room in the budget to invest in only the best. A few small changes can really add up. Keep looking out for new ideas all the time, as safe and comfortable is well worth the effort!

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