Blue Container Guest House

by FOKaL on April 11, 2014

Blue Container Guest House

If you love sustainable architecture, you’ll love the Blue Container Guest House by Poteet Architects. This amazing shipping container transformation acknowledges the property’s deep industrial roots with creativity and sharp wit.

This colorful guesthouse sits on a foundation of recycled telephone poles, topped by a living roof sustained by grey water reclaimed from the sink and shower. A compostable toilet rounds out this residential ecosystem quite nicely. The deck is made from recycled soda bottles, and the exterior lights were once the blades of a tractor’s disc harrow.

We can’t neglect the delightful modern interior. Bamboo plywood creates continuity between the floor and walls, increasing the appearance of spaciousness. Red and blue details add immense character.

Take some time to stop by the comment section to let us know: would your in-laws love it or hate it? Personally we think the Blue Container Guest House is one of the neatest we’ve seen, much greener than staying in a packed hotel.

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