Canasta Outdoor by Patricia Urquiola

by FOKaL on April 22, 2010

Canasta Outdoor by Patricia Urquiola

The traditional “Vienna Straw” pattern that you’ve seen on the seat of countless cane chairs has been reinterpreted in stunning fashion by Patricia Uquiola in her line of Canasta Outdoor Furniture. She’s taken the open weave and blown it up to oversized proportions that exaggerate the openness and highlight the intriguing interplay of the broad, flat strips as they weave in and out, forming a basket-like seat that enfolds you in comfort.

The generous openings give each piece a breezy, summery feel that is offset by the substantialness of the 30mm wide strips of polyethylene weave in either white or bronze.

Sitting low to the ground with high back and sides, the outdoor sofa is a particular delight. You’ll feel sheltered from the world and surrounded by luxury as you curl up on the thick seat cushion and lean back against contrasting throw pillows in bold graphic patterns. Urquiola chose textiles in a mix of simple stripes and assertive botanical prints in chocolate, cream and shades of purple to add a distinctly modern touch.

There are several pieces in the collection, from charming cushion-shaped side tables in various sizes to reclining chaises that are completely minimalist in style. You’ll fall in love with the high-backed sofa and oval side chairs if you’re like us, but with these intriguing lines, you can afford to get several pieces. Dare we suggest that you may want a few of these for indoors as well? A Canasta side table tucked into a corner would add depth and texture to any room.

Find out more about Canasta Outdoor Furniture at B&B Italia.

Canasta Chaise Longue


Canasta Circular Sofa

Canasta Patricia Urquiola

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