Capes Lamps by Constance Guisset

by FOKaL on May 21, 2013

Capes Lamps by Constance Guisset

Celebrated Paris-based designer Constance Guisset designed the Capes Lamps to put a body to the soul of light, to celebrate light as a real presence.

It’s a neat statement piece, and versatile. A ghostly translucent pendant shade diffuses the light to a soft glow. The shade gains its engaging and interactive nature through delicate layers shaped to present a different silhouette depending on perspective, neon coloration moving and shifting with the sculptural form.

Capes Lamps are charming and bold – an exciting modern pendant from a very exciting designer.

Capes Lamps by Constance Guisset

Capes Lamps by Constance Guisset

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