Create a Custom Look by Sprucing Up Prefab Kitchen Units

by FOKaL on September 8, 2012

Create a Custom Look by Sprucing Up Prefab Kitchen Units

The biggest part of any kitchen remodeling budget often goes into the big staples like cabinets, counters, and the ever-popular kitchen island. Luckily, it’s easy to save money by buying prefab while getting that gorgeous custom look with a few little after-the-fact customizations.

Though the prefabricated cabinet and counters you can find at big box stores are often just as sturdy as their name-brand counterparts, the mass-produced look can be a major drawback. Cabinetry and countertops (especially island countertops) are actually easy to customize. Look for new cabinet doors or even reclaimed cabinet doors, especially if you have painted cabinets. New handles and hinges can make a huge impact if replacing the doors isn’t an option.

We really cannot stress the importance of handles, hinges, and other hardware. These are usually the worst features on budget cabinets – leading many to overlook an otherwise good deal – but are so easy to replace.

New countertops can make a huge difference, too. Go beyond laminate. Materials like granite tile are much cheaper and lighter than slab, and allow the possibility for a high-end look on a smaller budget – slash shipping and installation costs by going with materials that are readily available and easy to work with. A bland prefab kitchen will begin to look fresh, modern, and super customized in no time.

To get an idea of what your project will look like, consider an online kitchen planner that gives you the ability to switch out cabinet doors and change colors or arrangements. Permanent furniture modifications always require a solid plan!

Maybe your home came with prefabricated features, or maybe you just want to save some money by investing in simple kitchen units at a lower cost. Save money on the big stuff now and you can enjoy the luxurious details like high-end appliances, designer lighting, and the hippest modern kitchenware later.

Everyone wants a modern kitchen they love, a kitchen that fits their cooking and living styles. You can express yourself with even the most unexpressive fixtures and furnishings by getting hands-on with a little light modification. Try giving those prefabricated parts of your kitchen a little love to see their full potential.

What do you think? We would love to hear your stories of successful prefab and off-the-shelf revamps in the comment section below!

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