Design Considerations for Functional and Inviting Driveway Gates

by FOKaL on October 1, 2012

Design Considerations for Functional and Inviting Driveway Gates

The landscaping is perfect; your shutters clean and coordinated – but what about the driveway gate? If your driveway is located in front of your home as most are, the gate will be the first thing your visitors see and through those slats will be their first impression of your beautiful gardens and home.

Choosing an attractive driveway gate is difficult because it has to match the house and the driveway, unless the house is out of view of course. This may not be a problem for those who chose a driveway to coordinate with the house, as the ideal driveway gate matches the architecture and era of the home. If your driveway doesn’t quite match, or is rather neutral, you just have to get creative.

Some combinations are classic, but present plenty of room to add your own “special” touch. Rough barn wood and stone pavers, wrought iron backed by lush greenery. These pairings work fantastic almost no matter the setting.

We highly suggest hopping online to check out some examples. You can hit the design magazines or try typing your driveway type (like gravel or brick) into a search engine plus the type of fence you are considering. A search for “gravel and wrought iron driveway” will yield several different results and it’s easy to see that even a classic combo doesn’t work in every case. Online sources of landscaping inspiration are a truly invaluable resource. Photos speak volumes.

Once you have the aesthetic situation figured out, choosing a functional gate is a little easier. You want to avoid anything manually operated unless for a rarely-used back entrance. Electronic gates are becoming more affordable every day, and options like the bi-folding electric gates from Portcullis make it possible to use automatic gates in even the smallest or most awkwardly-shaped driveways.

Are you taking the plunge and installing a new sleek, modern driveway gate in the near future? Or are you more of the traditional type? We’d love to hear about your project – just drop us a line in the comment section below!

Modern Driveway Gates

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