Design-Minded Alternatives to Greeting Cards

by FOKaL on November 16, 2012

The holiday rush is coming up and it feels like no matter how well we prepare there will never be enough time to create a heartwarming DIY greeting card for every friend, family member, and distant cousin-in-law on the list.

Good news! You won’t have to settle for impersonal cards from the local grocery store gift aisle – we have three fun, easy ways to spread holiday cheer to the people you love without compromising your eye for design. These ideas are quicker than handcrafted cards but make a much bigger impression.

Creative Ways to Say “Happy Holidays”

1. Picture-Perfect Ornaments

Ordinary transparent baubles, plastic or glass, could inspire entire books of interior design crafts but many of the complicated projects out there require more time than even the most intricate card. This gift idea is a quick one.

Print out copies of your favorite family photo (glossy printer paper works, but we suggest going through any business card / brochure printing company for bulk orders), cut to size, and stick them through the tops of your baubles. Use tweezers or a knitting needle for positioning. Choose paper with a plastic-y feel so the picture springs back into shape better.

2. A Grow-Your-Own Pine Tree

Pine trees are a classic part of any winter scene, gracing the front of greeting cards since the beginning of greeting cards. Your modern design alternative won’t be as predictable as those cards though – a pine tree seed, when placed in a tiny box on a bed of pine needles with your hand-written note, is a cute way to share seasonal joy that can give back year-round. Consider using a mini-flower pot instead of a box, which the recipient can use as a decoration long after planting the seed.

3. Recipe in a Jar

We love this time-tested favorite because it makes for great kitchen decor until used, and once you have all the ingredients together making ten barely takes any more time than making one.

All you have to do is choose a recipe that uses primarily dry ingredients, like cake or cookies, and fill the jar in layers for a pleasing aesthetic. You can write the recipe by hand onto tag cards but for larger batches, it might be easier to order stickers or labels from a service like PrintRunner.

Do you have any awesome gift card alternatives in mind for the coming season? We’d love to hear about your favorites!

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