Dragonfly Nightclub Niagara Falls Canada

by FOKaL on April 14, 2011

Dragonfly Nightclub Niagara Falls Canada

You have never seen a designer nightclub quite like this before!

The creative interior of the Dragonfly Nightclub is just as fantastical as it sounds. From the heavy iron clad doors to each subtle statuette, every detail is worth examining. Masculine materials blend with fabulous feminine touches in each distinctive Asian-styled room for a look that is perfect for a themed night on the town.

A sumptuous lounge decked in rich gold uses layered patterns and varying print sizes to create a luxurious atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. The characteristic red chamber offers much more sensual surroundings: whimsical blood red lanterns seem to float above the bottle service lounge for a stunning sense of depth and attitude. But we know it’s the dance floor that patrons are looking for: this one happens to be situated under a unique LED video ceiling to provide just as much movement above as below.

The Dragonfly Nightclub simply would not be the same if it weren’t for the attention to detail and authenticity that design firm Munge Leung strives to provide for every client.

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Dragonfly Nightclub Niagara Falls

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