Dreamy Siro Twist Dog Bed

by FOKaL on August 15, 2011

Dreamy Siro Twist Dog Bed

We always want to give our pets the very best, and Pet Interiors works around the clock to produce designs that do just that – our favorite of which is the dreamy Siro Twist dog bed, a product that finally shines the spotlight on pet comfort above all else.

This is more than just a simple pet basket – the attractive frame contains a plush and cuddly latex dog cushion, designed to be completely noise-free and permanently elastic. Two more pillows line the back of the basket for an enveloping sleep experience – why can’t our own bed be this deluxe?

According to their website, Pet Interiors actually allows real dogs to choose their favorite fabrics, which explains why even the fussiest companions sleep so soundly in baskets like the Siro Twist!

Dreamy Siro Twist Dog Bed

Pet Interiors

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