Edible Yolka Chocolates Ornaments

by FOKaL on December 11, 2012

Edible Yolka Chocolates Ornaments

Could you eat something that looks as beautiful as Yolka Chocolates Ornaments?

A layer of strikingly artistic foil protects each decorative candy – they are beautiful to look at, and we can only imagine how the luxury Belgian chocolate inside tastes. The part we find coolest is that each edible ornament has a real cap and loop so you can actually hang them on the tree or from a decorative party placeholder.

The idea for Yolka Chocolates Ornaments comes from a memory cherished by their designer. Yolka founder Marian Rivkind remembers the beautiful antique ornaments belonging to her mother, who took up the tradition of wrapping sweets and fruits in foil for the children to hang on the tree in place of the delicate glass ornaments.

Her memory is now a lovely piece of modern design inspiration, a gorgeous gift and tasteful centerpiece decoration. Would these decorative treats survive the season in your home without being snacked upon?

Yolka Chocolate Ornaments

Yolka Chocolate Ornaments

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