eva solo Waste Bin

by FOKaL on December 22, 2009

eva solo Waste Bin

The Waste Bin by Eva Solo is the epitome of Good Design: the perfect marriage of form and function. If you are going to purchase a waste bin, this is a MUST buy. The sleek stainless steel bin will be a sexy complement to an ultra-contemporary kitchen, or a bold statement in the most traditional kitchen; the Waste Bin has the beauty and brains to adapt to any environment.

The wafer-thin lid can be opened, and stay open, from all sides, increasing placement options, since you no longer have to bother with the hinge-to-wall position. The sloped perimeter of the concave rubber plate keeps trash neatly in place, preventing messy overflow. The detachable lid also acts as a tray for easy collection of debris around the house. The Waste Bin goes the extra mile with its sense of function with the bin liner holder, which is a rubber-coated metal ring that slips into the bin. You don’t have to live with unsightly plastic bags hanging over the edge of your trash bin anymore.

The ingenious engineering minds at eva solo have made it possible for us to say goodbye to the long-standing days of hiding our trash receptacles in the corner with shame. It should come as no surprise to those who lay their eyes on the Waste Bin to learn that it has received numerous notable awards for its unique, functional design.

Small – 12″h x 8.5″dia, 1.8 gallons
Medium – 16″h x 10.5″dia., 3.8 gallons
Large – 20″h x 12.5″dia., 7.1 gallons

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