Exploring Space-Saving Bed Options from

by FOKaL on April 12, 2013

Exploring Space-Saving Bed Options from

Are you running out of square footage? Most bedroom furniture is there for a reason, so scrapping the dressers and nightstands is rarely an option. Modern design is often heavy on the minimalism but sometimes the strongest interior designs are more about maximizing space than minimizing content.

We like to seek out inspiration in multi-purpose functionality – the bed, the centerpiece of the bedroom, makes a good starting point.

Everyday Under-Bed Storage

There are two ways to approach the under-bed storage situation. Beds with built-in storage are somewhat pricy, and the drawers often restrict storage to small items and thin bedding. The ones that flip up to reveal storage in the frame do offer more stash space but those are only accessible when the bed is unmade, not very applicable to the average shoe collector.

We like open metal frames for several reasons. Traditional metal frame singles are perfect for people who plan to use their storage spot for odd-shaped items like plastic totes, luggage, air mattresses, etc. The simpler the frame, the more space you have to maneuver. Rolling shoe caddies make accessibility as easy as opening a drawer and slider pads help make even the heftiest boxes easier to move.

Even if you do not want to use your single for storage, the simple aesthetic and slim construction helps to create the illusion of space by eliminating shadows. Simply forego the bed skirt for minimalist appeal. Check out these single beds from to see why streamlined bed frames would be perfect for small spaces.

Getting Creative with Bunk Beds

Single beds are the ubiquitous everyday option, but bunk beds are for people who have serious space saving needs. Most parents know them as the solution to a small childhood bedroom but they also serve as a fun and efficient way to reclaim space in a guest room or studio apartment.

Bunk Beds

For guest spaces, just outfit the bunk with a double mattress and frame instead of a single – that one tiny space will be able to accommodate two adults and a child, making it much easier to accommodate traveling family members. There is usually room for extra under-bed storage beneath the bottom bunk too. Check out the huge variety of bunk beds from to see singles and doubles that might fit your needs.

Master bedrooms can benefit from sophisticated platform beds with sturdy stairs leading up. This solution does require tall ceilings, but this is a super way to fit more furniture (dressers and vanities are popular under-bunk choices that don’t require much room), and some interior innovators even use this space for a smart home office spot.

Whether you decide to double up on sleeping space in the guest bedroom or just want to maximize the usefulness of under-bed storage your own quarters, rest assured that furniture designers are well aware that bedroom space comes at a premium and are always working toward more compact, multi-purpose solutions.

Do you have any ideas to add? Drop us a line in the comment section – we’d love to hear your space reclamation tips and success stories!

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