Express Yourself with Uniquely Fashionable Tees!

by FOKaL on March 22, 2013

Express Yourself with Uniquely Fashionable Tees!

The weather is getting a little warmer, and that means it’s time to start refreshing that t-shirt collection before festival season hits! Of course, tees are far more than just casual fare these days – the right artwork, materials, and accessories can turn your basic jeans and tee combo into an eye-catching ensemble.

It wasn’t long ago that t-shirts were just plain white undershirts. Isn’t it amazing how much they’ve changed? They can be weighty and utilitarian or light, airy, layered, flowing, utilizing many combinations of shape and cut. Delicate prints are just as common as striking graphic designs. We use them to express ourselves and sometimes just to dress ourselves.

The ubiquitous tee continues to change and evolve in the hands of modern fashion. Forging your own distinctive style is easier than ever with help from the thriving hands-on craft culture, easy access to customization and the collaborative nature of the online fashion scene. We’ll help you find where the goodies are hiding.

How to Build Your Super-Exclusive Tee Collection

1. Hit Up The Hottest Swap Spots

We like to think of Etsy as an online swap meet. It’s where you can find one-of-a-kind handmade fashions right next to delightfully timeless vintage finds. Screen print artists and skilled tailors create fresh Etsy tees daily. You’ll find an endless array of originals and recreations, patterns for DIY fans and accessories for the meticulously chic. Etsy is by far the best source of statement pieces like jackets and neat scarves, those irreplaceable favorites that inspire fresh outfits every time you see them in your closet.

2. Create Something One-of-a-Kind

Nothing beats putting your own design on a shirt. Personalized fashion goes far beyond just names and team numbers – use services like Customized Girl (one of our faves BTW) to upload your own artwork, your own business logo, or type in your favorite phrases or quotes to make a statement. Their customization engine can handle everything from sorority hoodies to sassy workout gear.

3. Search the Soul of the Creative Community

Did you know that most of those “updated-daily” t-shirt shops are primarily collective efforts of indie artists? When you buy a shirt at RedBubble, for instance, you are buying designs straight from the artists. The hilarious shirts at BustedTees come from ideas that the CollegeHumor comedians send into their in-house design team. Great stuff happens wherever artists gather.

It’s always cool to have that shirt that makes people ask, “Where the heck did you get that?” Whether you are looking for a 100% original outfit or just want some cool inspiration to share with your Pinterest followers, take some time to explore the expressive web.

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