Floating Pool Lamp from Metalarte

by FOKaL on August 4, 2009

Floating Pool Lamp from Metalarte

Metalarte’s collaboration with designer Hector Serrano, the floating pool lamp, fuses the classic lighting form with a modern function. Made of rotation molded polyethylene, this genius lighting product will be the talk of your next gathering.

The waterproof lamps can float atop the pool water or they can be ‘dived’ under water for an ultra unique lighting effect. They are also rechargeable so they don’t need a constant energy supply, making them more efficient than many other pool side lights.

These lamps do more than just provide light. They can create an ambiance, a glowing warmth, which brings together the elements of water and light in an exclusive way. These floating pool lamps will bring the curiosity of your guests and will provide hours of relaxing pleasure as you watch them glide over the water’s surface.


9″ (23 cm) diameter
Height body off the water 6 ½ inch (16 cm)

Priced at $889 for 2 lamps, the package comes with one charger but an additional port charger for 3 lamps is available upon request.

Metalarte are known for their seamless blend of classic elegance with modern function. Designer Hector Serrano’s aesthetics complete the Metalarte philosophy perfectly. He also designs for other contemporary companies including Droog, Encendida (Caga Madrid) and the Valencia City Council. Serrano’s products have been shown extensively at some of the world’s most prestigious museums including London’s Victoria & Albert. His dedication to design has lead Serrano’s studio to victory with the Peugeot Design Award and the Premio Nacional de Desino No Aburridos.

The floating pool lamp’s can be found at Hector Serrano or at Interior Deluxe.

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