Fuzz Tea Light Holder

by FOKaL on April 14, 2009

Fuzz Tea Light Holder

Yee Ling Wan designed the Fuzz tea light holder to provide the warm flicker of true candlelight in a safe, cool to the touch glass holder. The clever double-wall, hand-blown glass construction lets you hold the outer, frosted glass cylinder while the interior cylinder holds the tea light.

The interiors are printed in a delicate, floral print of repeating circles that create a hazy, soft glow as the light shines through both layers of glass. The candlelit pattern of the interior appears to hover inside the frosted glass, a soft, floating impression of golden warmth suspended inside cool, frosted ice.

At 13 cm. high by 6.5 cm. in diameter, they’re the ideal size to cluster in a group of three or more on a coffee table or down the center of a dining table for some atmospheric candlelight with a touch of unexpected whimsy. Is the tea light flame flickers, the shadows cast by the numerous little circles will dance and shift across the tabletop. What a delightful hostess gift these would make!

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