Gesine Hackenberg Cup Two Spoon Set

by FOKaL on March 11, 2009

Gesine Hackenberg Cup Two Spoon Set

Gesine Hackenberg has spent a lifetime teaching us to view the world through fresh eyes, rediscovering the beauty of everyday objects. Her famous Spoon Series is a reinterpretation of that most mundane of objects by making the everyday tool out of beautiful, delicate materials to elevate its stature. But she doesn’t use precious metals or rare elements – Hackenberg reinterprets the spoon by finding the beauty in our own homes, simply turning to another everyday object – such as the china teacup and using the lovely curves and delicate patterns to their greatest advantage.

Each spoon is hand cut from a vintage teacup, turning it into an exquisite treasure that is a touch of jewelry for the table. Each set is original – she combs the markets for vintage teacups that capture her imagination and hand cuts each one according to her inspiration, ensuring no sets are alike. Hackenberg explained, “Objects of use often become intimately precious and indispensable to us, as it happens sometimes to a piece of jewelry that we wear day in, day out.”

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