Ghost Tree Coat Rack

by FOKaL on December 21, 2010

Ghost Tree Coat Rack

Erich Ginder created the Ghost Tree Coat Rack as part of the organic and haunting Ghost series which can make a variety of statements from eco-awareness to modern industrialism depending on the viewer. The smooth rubberized finish and untamed leafless branches combine to create a sleek modern coat rack that offers wonderful usability and solid craftsmanship. The circular contemporary base provides reliable support while contrasting elegantly against the detailed knobs and twigs of this ghost tree.

This free standing coat rack, available in a crisp white or deep black, is a great way to bring the relics of nature’s finest architecture back to the “great indoors”. As intellectually stimulating as the piece is it still has all of the sculptural beauty of a solitary artwork and the functionality of a central furnishing. This tree coat rack will surely hold your attention just as well as it holds your belongings.

Ghost Tree Coat Rack

Eric Ginder

Tree Coat Rack

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