Great Colors to Compliment Golden Oak Furniture

by FOKaL on August 17, 2012

Great Colors to Compliment Golden Oak Furniture

Do you have golden oak cabinets, furniture, or trim? This finish is beautiful and widely used, but decorating around the varied yellow tones can be an exercise in patience. The typical wall colors like white and beige always seem to miss the mark when it comes to adding a little extra character. We want to explore a few of the more exciting possibilities, the untraditional options that are only possible when you have plenty of golden oak.

Golden Oak Color Schemes

Sage green and olive green are earthy but not too earthy, perfect for creating a classic look with a punch of modernity. These two colors are very calm together and the green helps to prevent the golden wood from looking too yellow. We have also seen a few great examples of golden oak combined with striking jewel tones. Greenish-blue, dark burgundy, and deep emerald are striking choices with the right furniture. Rusty orange is another nontraditional color that makes golden oak pop; it also makes the room look very warm.

We would avoid pale yellow unless you have a very bright room with lots of white accents – yellow does not always bring out the best of golden oak but with big windows and white accents it can look delightfully country-chic. Steel blue is another color that crops up frequently where golden oak is involved but we prefer a high gray-to-blue to ratio. Blue walls look better with toned-down golden oaks, like the rustic Oak Furniture UK Normandy collection.

If painting your furniture is out of the question, and tans just don’t suit your tastes, then make sure to pick up a few color swatches and let your imagination go wild. Golden oak can be just as versatile as any other finish, especially if you are willing to get creative with your endeavor.

Are you lacking in the golden oak department? We suggest checking out that Normandy collection at – it is the most subdued golden oak set we have found so far, a great choice for modern homes.

Compliment Golden Oak Furniture

Compliment Golden Oak Furniture

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