Greenhouse To Go Project by Studio Besau Marguerre

by FOKaL on July 3, 2012

Greenhouse To Go Project by Studio Besau Marguerre

The Greenhouse “to Go” Project provides one possible answer to a playful, somewhat startling question: if you were going to emigrate away from Earth to colonize some habitable young planet millions of light-years away, what would you take with you?

Most of us would not immediately think of a portable terrarium as the obvious answer, but Studio Besau-Marguerre wanted to make a point – normal journeys call for books and spare towels but we don’t ever think twice about the native plants of our local habitats.

The Greenhouse “to Go” Project portable terrarium is so fashionable, but its true calling is interior design. It would look great on a high shelf near a window, or even hanging from a coat hook in the hallway.

via: designboom

Greenhouse Project

Greenhouse Project

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