Hardwood Screen by Matt Gagnon Studio

by FOKaL on March 18, 2009

Hardwood Screen by Matt Gagnon Studio

Matt Gagnon Studios has created a hardwood screen that is at once substantial and airy, designed of sleek bars of plantation Teak stacked in alternating layers at their ends in order to let the light shine through. The Teak wood’s unmistakable grain and color variation from rich reds to honey golds adds textural interest to the otherwise simple design of the screen and will last for years, even when used outdoors.

The real beauty of Gagnon’s Hardwood Screen is in its unique construction. Each of the four panels is joined by an elastic cord running through the numerous Teak slats with no joints visible. The cording gives the screen flexibility far beyond that of a typical folding screen. Each section can bend to whatever curvature you want it to take, giving the screen a wonderful undulating quality. It lends a sense of movement and graceful curves to the sharp edges of the wood, creating a piece that is at once fluid in overall execution and hard-edged in its individual pieces.

You’ll never grow tired of Gagnon’s Hardwood Screen, it can reinvent itself every day as you open and close it, play with the curves and planes and the way light shines through it. The empty spaces are as much a part of the screen as the wood itself, allowing light through in long, buttery streaks to illuminate your deck or office in broad swatches or narrow blocks. This isn’t a screen you’ll leave in the corner, it fully deserves to take center stage.

Each Hardwood Screen is individually made to order for $2100. You can order yours at 2modern.

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