Hollow Zig Zag Stools by Tucker Robbins

by FOKaL on May 29, 2009

Hollow Zig Zag Stools by Tucker Robbins

Tucker Robbins has introduced a set of impressive stools in its new line that reflect the influence of various indigenous cultures to create a stunning geometric design. The overall pattern of the Zig Zag stool is based on a form found in the columns of a Mayan church in the small town of Chajul, Guatemala, which is then interpreted and carved by members of the Oku tribe in Cameroon, Africa. Because each piece is hand-carved, no two pieces are alike.

The stools are made of tropical hardwoods and burnished to a soft finish in either white or ebony with a fine patina to them. These aren’t stools with a high gloss to them, but richly detailed, hand-crafted pieces that retain their primitive look and feel. Don’t underestimate the craftsmanship that goes into each piece – the negative space created between the zig zags is incredibly difficult to achieve out of a single piece of wood. It enhances the geometric interest and draws attention to the complexity of the diamond patterns created by the intersecting diagonals.

The stools are offered in three heights, giving you enough versatility to use them as end tables as well. Imagine the tall ebony zig zag stools flanking an ivory sofa, providing a striking contrast to the urban elegance.

Available sizes:

18″H X 14″ diam. $2400
24″H X 18″ diam. $2700
27″H X 18″ dam. $3600

Order your Hollow Zig Zag Stools at Tucker Robbins

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