HONO Candlelight

by FOKaL on December 23, 2009

HONO Candlelight

Chiaki Murata’s Hono Candlelights for Metaphys are an unusual blend of understated elegance and playful function. Each candlelight is a slender column of silicon acrylic fiber that stays cool to the touch and is attractive in any décor. Lit from inside by a bundle of small LED lights, each column gives off a warm, golden glow near the top of a 10.63 inch column that mimics the soft glow of candlelight. Each one is only .39 inches in diameter and can be placed on end or flush-mounted as a wall sconce. A single AAA battery runs each Candlelight.

The fun comes in when you light these – Hono Candlelights come with an oversized acrylic “match” that you touch to the top of the lights to activate them. To turn the candlelights off, you “blow them out” by gently blowing on them. In fact, the LED’s react to breezes so that the faux flames flicker like real candles for an ambient lighting effect you won’t get from any other electric candle. We love the way Murata combines sleek style with a touch of fun in one unique and design that is both decorative and a conversation piece.

Buy Hono candles for about $65.00 from Japan Trend Shop or visit Metaphys and their unique products.

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