House in Obama Japan by Suppose Design Office

by FOKaL on March 10, 2010

House in Obama Japan by Suppose Design Office

Exploring this house, it’s quite evident that you should never “judge a book by it’s cover.” The exterior is quite plain, it looks like an oversized credenza or a very large box container. From the outside, you might never think that a family of four lives in this rectangular white box until you turn the corner and notice some shoes at the bottom of a staircase. A beautiful staircase surrounded by a glass structure.

Upon entering this unusual house – serenity and peace instantly take hold! You’re greeted by bright corridors and a series of connecting courtyards that are separated by sliding glass doors. The minimal Zen design is pleasant and grounding. Each piece, weather it be furniture or a potted tree, feels right at home. I think the greatest feature of the house is the courtyards, they cleverly erase the boundaries between inside and out yet maintain the feel of being very sheltered. Plus they offer spectacular breezes and starry night meditations. The use of white and natural woods works brilliantly! The House in Obama was created by Japanese architecture studio Suppose Design Office.

Via Dezeen.

Modern Obama Japan House

House in Obama

House in Obama Suppose Design Office

Obama Suppose Design Office

Modern Architecture Japan

Suppose Design Office Architect

Japanese Modern Home Architecture

House in Obama Japan by Suppose Design Office

House in Obama Japan by Suppose Design Office

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