Jewels Christmas Cards from Bug Art

by FOKaL on December 6, 2010

Jewels Christmas Cards from Bug Art

Jane Crowther, the designer of this line of Jewels Christmas Cards, accomplished something truly whimsical and unique for the holidays. Each one is gold foiled and embossed, featuring contemporary colors and playful images that truly break away from the standard look of other designer Christmas cards.

Each of these Bug Art Christmas Cards feature a tiny hidden insect, trademark of Crowther’s line and tribute to the first range of cards she released. Although these beautiful pieces of paper are only vessels for messages they are still a treat to behold- some designs are ultra modern while others carry the time-tested symbolism of traditional holiday Christmas cards.

Share a special note with a loved family member by acknowledging their special impact on your life with one of these creative Christmas cards. The Jewels line has such a distinctive look that one may decorate the receiver’s mantle for the remainder of the season.

Jewels Christmas Cards from Bug Art

Jewels Christmas Cards

Designer Christmas Cards

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