Karl Zahn Animal Boxes for AREAWARE

by FOKaL on June 29, 2011

Karl Zahn Animal Boxes for AREAWARE

These wood figurines, though exquisitely simple, require more than just a glimpse to see the whole picture.

Striking organic contours of beech wood grain invite lingering attention whether standing alone as a sculpture or cleverly accenting a shelf or desk. The real surprise lies inside of each Animal Box, adorable button eyes are a disguised secret hinge which swings open to reveal a functional and delightful hidden compartment.

Karl Zahn designed this series for Areaware, featuring six “power animals” crafted with personality so bold each could define an individual as well as a space. Notes or objects may be stashed inside to turn these playful wooden boxes into thoughtful modern gifts. Karl Zahn Animal Box Figurines contain a balance of versatility and warmth that seems to never go out of style.

Karl Zahn Box

Karl Zahn Animal Boxes

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