Leo Scratching Post by James Owen

by FOKaL on January 11, 2010

Leo Scratching Post by James Owen

Seldom has such a practical necessity been so elegantly presented as in the Leo scratching post by James Owen. This is a modern and innovative take on an old-standby for your feline friend. The Leo scratching post elevates what is usually an unattractive necessity in a pet owner’s home to a work of art, yet remains practical and interesting enough for even the most finicky feline.

The body of the Leo is available in three high grade woods – zebrawood, white cedar or maple – so that you can choose whichever one best suits your decor. It’s a tall, curved column of wood that’s pieced from contrasting bands of grain for textural interest and extraordinary elegance. The curving, rectangular bands and rich, deep grain are pliable enough for shaping kitty’s claws but sturdy enough to prevent splintering. The post is attached to a smooth, 11″ aluminum base that’s slightly curved for a gently rocking motion that will intrigue and amuse your cat endlessly.

James Owen forgot nothing when he designed the Leo scratching post. Forget tolerating those tacky, carpet-covered dust magnets you usually have to provide for your pet. The aluminum and smooth wood construction of the Leo scratching post is easy to clean and low on dust – perfect for the allergy sufferer.

The sleek, graceful curves and sculptural style of the Leo scratching post is attractive enough to be at home in the most discerning living rooms – even those without a cat!

Visit the James Owen Design to see several views of the Leo scratching post, including some entranced feline friends.

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