Livingstones by Smarin Design

by FOKaL on February 23, 2009

Livingstones by Smarin Design

Stephanie Marin designed the Livingstones in 2004, using 100% virgin wool over a hypoallergenic polysilicone interior to create these architectural marvels that are neither sculpture nor furniture but something in between that transcends both. All natural, chemical-free dyes are used for the rich, natural colors. The pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 36.6 X 25 X 13.8 inches to 10.8 X 6.7 X 6 inches.

Each piece is a creation that mimics nature so precisely that even up close it appears to be an oversized river rock or boulder worn smooth by the elements and the years. Smooth curves and uneven shapes reflect nature’s beauty. The natural, heathery texture of the wool enhances the illusion, with occasional thin veins of contrasting color running through to add to the effect.

Sinking into each oversized “stone” reveals the secret hidden in its depths. Each one is a comfortable seat, cushion, pillow or whatever you want to make of it. These are naturals for scattering across the floor of a room for relaxing. You can reposition them in endless ways for lounging whether you want to nap, watch television, curl up with a good book, cuddle with the children or play.

The effect is of an oversized, Zen rock garden you can immerse yourself in, walk through, relax into. Put Livingstones into a room without a lot of other pieces for maximum impact, then let the children play and the adults savor them. The combination of playfulness and serenity is incredibly alluring.

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