Luxurious Small Powder Room by Marsh & Clark

by FOKaL on August 19, 2010

Luxurious Small Powder Room by Marsh & Clark

This dreamy, jewel-like powder room design demonstrates just how creative a designer can get when working with a small space. The Small Powder Room is a mere 3′ by 9′, yet seems airy and expansive due to the restrained décor and use of soft, soothing colors. The powdery blue Venetian plaster walls give the room an expansive feel, with the cantilevered vanity reinforcing an illusory sense of space.

Marsh and Clark designed the powder room around a single, unifying theme. A delicate frond reaches out of a swirl of mosaic tiles and gently climbs the wall in soft earth tones, becoming the focal point of the room. Its shape and texture are repeated in the custom crafted stained glass window and the flourishes framing the mirror.

This same gently curved theme repeating at three levels – floor, mirror, wall – draws attention to the height of the room. Lovely!

via: Apartment Therapy

Luxurious Small Powder Room

Marsh and Clark Design

Powder Room Design

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