Making the Most of a Super Small Bedroom Space

by FOKaL on November 28, 2012

Making the Most of a Super Small Bedroom Space

A tiny bedroom is never finished; it’s both a blessing and a curse. You may not have room for the shoe collection or the fun floor lamps but you’ll really work that inspiration muscle trying to decide which items can stay and which must go, and which items should go where. It’s definitely an exercise in functional minimalism.

Compact Modern Design

When it comes to small bedrooms, you can find perfection in simplicity. Work to remove any superfluous furnishings you can to save space for big interior design. Try to “curate” your bedroom to leave only the elements you truly love, like bold patterns or your favorite artwork and of course those decorative treasures and heirlooms.

Dig for the multi-purpose in everything. We really enjoy the awesome storage beds from Dreams – if your bedroom is truly super small, you’ll want to go with an option that flips up instead of the frames with pull-out drawers.

The latter option looks great until you try to pull out the drawers and the nightstand or wall blocks the way. The flip-up option provides all the storage you could ever need for extra pillows and linens. Ditch the footboard altogether.

Also, don’t discount the possibility of forgoing nightstands in favor of floating side tables or even some nice shelving above the headboard. A nightstand is easy to convert into a simple vanity – just hang a mirror above it. Consider scrapping the headboard too, if you’d rather replace it with a super shallow shelf spanning the width of your bed.

Use small cabinets or drawer systems to fill the space in the bottom of your closet (and use ultra-slim hangers for clothes to reclaim that rod). Take advantage of the back of your door for a coat rack. With so many stylish choices, you can’t consider it clutter. Use that space to hang only your favorite jackets and scarves.

How do you save space in your own tiny bedroom? We’d love to hear your modern organization tips that highlight your best bedroom features.

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