Mindanao Bedding by John Robshaw

by FOKaL on February 19, 2009

Mindanao Bedding by John Robshaw

Slipping between luxuriously soft sheets is always a wonderful experience, but when the bedding is also gorgeously designed and beautifully printed, it can become a transcendent experience night and day. John Robshaw’s Mindanao bedding evokes the mystery of the Philippines with the ornate diamond shaped medallion featured in prints like Spicy Cloves, Kochi Vista and China Blue. Contrasting linens in simpler patterns include the warmer Cinde Coffee, featuring a simple repeating tear drop and China Blue, a masculine stripe.

These contrasting prints would be overpowering if Robshaw hadn’t shown the remarkable restraint to allow the patterns to take the lead by using only three colors – a soft white background, touches of clover, bark and coffee and the star of the show, a deep, rich, blue that brings to mind the waters of the Philippines. The blue takes the lead but is never raw or gaudy.

John Robshaw is well known for his dedication to linens and bedding that retain an old-world appeal. Each bolt of cloth is woven in India of the finest cotton, pre-washed, then block printed so that no two lengths of fabric are exactly alike. After printing, the fabrics are rewashed to remove all trace of dyes and to ensure superior softness.

Cocoon yourself in Mindanao bedding and feel yourself being swept away in your dreams to a far away village, where rich scents and scenes will fill your senses.

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