Compassionate LADAK Blankets

by FOKaL on October 28, 2009

Compassionate LADAK Blankets

The first time I came across these blankets, I thought to myself: “Oh these are so cool, what a nice design.” Then I dug a little more and I was really moved by their inspiring story. Each unique LADAK Blanket is made of recycled sweaters, old blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses turned into ‘moving blankets.’ They’re decorated with just the right balance of beautiful ribbons and rich fabrics. LADAK donates 15% of its profits to a homeless shelter in Amsterdam

In their words – “LADAK has named each blanket after a homeless person and/or hero. These names, from ‘Arie’ to ‘Willem’ refer to the type of blanket. But, just as ‘Willem’ is not always the same person on a Monday as he is on a Tuesday, no blanket is the same.”

We will definitely be picking one up for the coming wintery months.

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