New Offices for Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group

by FOKaL on November 18, 2010

New Offices for Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group

Ippolito Fleitz Group is famous for designing rich spaces as well as breathing identity into architecture itself, and their beautiful 480 square meters of renovated office interior certainly redefines the classic Gründerzeit building with a distinctive modern touch the company has long since perfected.

A crisp white reception area sets an inviting tone for the rest of the office, featuring charcoal black accents and modern hanging lights. The smooth, clean surfaces found here are a standard that is echoed by every aspect of this office design. An adjacent conference room is the perfect display of openness and transparency; soft curtains give visitors a translucent view of the glowing meeting space which is illuminated by delicate light gold orbs.

The studio itself is a place fit for the creative minds who work inside it. Exposed pillars and service pipes add a touch of classic style to this modern office space, contrasting stunningly with a graphic black-and-white ceiling mural interrupted periodically by dashes of colorful ribbon that hang from above acting as cords to the workstation lights. Dark wooden horizontal and vertical storage units hold various design projects, flanking two elongated tables surrounded by tastefully utilitarian chairs. The spacious and open office space design inspires cooperation and communication between designers of all different backgrounds.

The excellent clarity of design displayed by the new offices for Ippolito Fleitz Group is an outstanding tribute to the identity and sense of purpose that the group upholds as a rigorous standard. This charming renovation pays its dues to the historical nature of the space while bestowing upon it life, vitality, and creative energy.

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New Offices for Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group

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