Personalize Your Space with Studio Luka

by FOKaL on March 13, 2012

Personalize Your Space with Studio Luka

Does your favorite room need a little personality? Make any space your own with clever wall decals – Studio Luka has you covered.

Decals are a fun and easy way to add detailed graphic accents to any surface without spending a lot of money on a custom paint job. Studio Luka has the huge selection you need to pick out something that suits you, as an individual.

Studio Luka wall accessories are made from high quality vinyl stickers, easy to install and painless to remove. These vinyl wall decals come in a wide variety of colors. You can select a color from each product page to see how it looks, or you can order a free color sample from Studio Luka for perfectly coordinated interiors.

Wall Decals for a Custom Look

Every room is covered. Studio Luka has wall stickers styled to look like headboards, decals for doors, and patterns for accent walls; perfect for the bedroom. Use weatherproof decals to spruce up the bathroom (even the bathtub!) or apply them outdoors on a covered patio. Elegant pieces of vinyl art can make a living room feel luxurious – these things look great anywhere.

Studio Luka decals work on any flat, clean surface. This site even has tiny decals for ceramics and designs that look great on the ceiling. Explore the selection and discover reflective materials, functional chalkboard decals, and plenty of other incredible Studio Luka innovations.

We Love the Selection for Kids!

Turn a bedroom in to an enchanted forest, captivate infants with colorful patterns, or delight a child of any age with the selection of fun animals, sports decals, ballerinas, robots, and everything in between. Look wall art and decals featuring Julius the Monkey, Chachi the Chihuahua, and other creative characters from famous designer Paul Frank.

Are you inspired yet? If Studio Luka’s online storefront doesn’t have what you’re looking for, this company can make custom stickers by request. These wall decals make it so easy to create a personalized space, a one-of-a-kind interior design that makes you feel at home.

Wall Stickers Studio Luka

Paul Frank

Wall Decals Studio Luka

Wall Stickers Studio Luka

Wall Stickers Studio Luka

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