Protecting Your Designer Furniture and Priceless Collector Pieces

by FOKaL on February 7, 2013

Protecting Your Designer Furniture and Priceless Collector Pieces

Are you planning to add a few fresh furnishings to your interior design repertoire, or are you undertaking a big remodeling project in the upcoming months? Now might be the time to start thinking about protecting your growing protection of valuable furnishings and priceless design objects.

Preventative Measures and Proactive Preparation

Preventing damage to furniture and art is a challenge yet the results are extra rewarding. Fun slipcovers, sturdy throw blankets, usage-conscious furniture arrangements, neat display cabinets… The list of design-friendly solutions goes on and on. Keep your favorite objects out of harm’s way and add a buffer zone around the valuable objects you want to use daily.

Prevention is super duper important – but it is even more important to remember that even the best preventative measures are only temporary. Prevent with all your might but be ready to rescue your precious irreplaceable items when the “inevitable” happens. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Dust, spots, and stains are the most common causes for concern. Know which cleaners work on the various valuables you own. The beautiful molded furniture of Danish midcentury modern influence will require different wood conditioning treatments than rough-hewn rustic heirlooms; 3D printed sculptures call for a new approach to dust-prevention than the techniques you employ on your most treasured paintings.

Contacting the manufacturers to obtain the right care sheets is hard work on its own. To make your efforts truly worth your while, though, you’ll need to get in touch with your insurance company as well.

Why insurance? Designer furniture and artwork of every caliber can be very valuable – make sure your policy covers your collection. Need extra coverage?

Check out Endsleigh Insurance for an example of an interior-design-friendly policy.

Don’t let anxieties over potential scuffs or scratches stop you from enjoying your favorite design objects, but do take the proper steps to put your mind at ease when you are using them. Prevent, prepare, and remain proactive.

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