Recycled Macadamia Shell Husque Bowls

by FOKaL on January 4, 2011

Recycled Macadamia Shell Husque Bowls

Husque Bowls are wildly popular and playful in design – truly modern tableware with a definitive history. Each unit is produced from actual recycled macadamia shells and takes on the shape and personality of its origin.

These shell bowls have a luxurious satin finish on the exterior, rubbed by hand with natural macadamia oil. The inside, however, is polished to glassy perfection and available in a wide array of excitingly bold colors. Depending on the choice of lining, these Husque Bowls could range from masculine to chic depending on the context of existing décor.

Popular because of the practical size, eco-conscious origin, and powerful design, we can imagine these decorative bowls in any number of fanciful arrangements around the home.

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