Renovating a Tiny Bathroom? Do Not Forget These Tips!

by FOKaL on December 28, 2012

Renovating a Tiny Bathroom? Do Not Forget These Tips!

There is not much room for error when renovating a bathroom, especially when it comes down to matters of functionality. The worst part is that a tiny space leaves little room for afterthought additions – if a particular feature is important to you, start planning and measuring early. This quick guide will cover three trendy small space solutions that you’ll want to share with your contractor as soon as possible.

1. A Niche for Everything

This may sound crazy, but we suggest putting a niche just about anywhere that your bathroom structure can support it. A niche in a shower can replace those bulky bath caddies, a niche over the sink is a great alternative to a medicine cabinet, and a well-designed toilet paper niche can save some space if you’re serious about a streamlined look.

2. Streamline the Plumbing

A toilet is a toilet and a sink is a sink, right? Not entirely – modern bathroom fittings have definitely evolved over the years. It is getting so much easier to find complete designer bathroom suites intended for the smallest of bathrooms, complete with super narrow toilets and bathtubs and thinner sinks to save some space. We do not suggest buying these piece by piece because the narrow models have such a distinctive look but suites always match.

3. The Magic of Wall-Mounted

Standing shelves are cool for some purposes but nothing beats saving that floor space for a lighter look. Wall-mounted sinks, shelves, and even corner tables are awesome. You can then use baskets underneath or employ the warmth of a waterproof rug. Save even more space by utilizing the corners. AQVA offers a variety of bathroom cabinets but our favorite is definitely their mirrored corner model.

We have written about small modern bathrooms before but these changes are ideal for the interior design fan that is truly ready to make some major changes. A teeny tiny bathroom can be just as useful – and just as beautiful – as their luxuriously large counterparts.

Stop by the comment section to let us know how your modern bathroom remodel went, or let us know about the super space-saving changes you have made in the past. We always love to hear from innovators of interior design and small spaces demand innovation like no other.

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