Samsung 650 Series6 High-Definition LCD

by FOKaL on January 6, 2009

Samsung 650 Series6 High-Definition LCD

We recently picked up a 46″ Samsung “Series6″ LCD TV and still can’t get over how impressive this piece of modern technology truly is! If you’re looking to beef up your entertainment space – the Samsung 650 is a sure bet! It’s got all the jacks and whistles you will need with specs that deliver on all fronts including Sports, Blu-ray and Gaming!

We were a little apprehensive about the TOC (touch of red) bezel but once you break this TV into your space, the imbued color adds a welcomed dose of character to your home theater setup. We also appreciate the overall bezel design on the “Series6″ which is a little more organic and less dramatic than the newer models. Worth every penny!

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