sb table bench No.2

by FOKaL on March 11, 2009

sb table bench No.2

You won’t get a table that looks like the one in the picture if you order your own sb table bench No.2 from bookhou. You’ll get one that resembles it, with the same character and beauty but uniquely your own. Each table is handmade from steam bent ash wood, a method that guarantees no two table benches will ever repeat a pattern or line.

The steam bending technique used to create the soft curves accentuate the soft variations of color naturally running through ash wood, highlighting the change from blonde to medium beige shades. Looking at the gently curved, rippled effect along the top of the table bench, you’ll be reminded of the natural splits in the bark of trees, although the effect is much more polished and refined here.

Walking around an sb table bench is a delight. It looks different from every angle as the undulating, steam bent curves appear to open and close, shifting with the light and your movements. This isn’t a bench to tuck into a corner! The size and height of each table bench (so named because its height and purpose are deliberately ambiguous) are different, although 46 X 22 X 12 inches would be typical.

Order your custom-made sb table bench from bookhou for $1800, it’s a one-of-a-kind treasure worth every penny.

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