Scratching the Surface by Vhils

by FOKaL on August 11, 2009

Beautiful video and powerful Art – Created by Vhils, AKA Alexandre Farto (b.198X), the exhibition features a series of new works inspired by his native city of Lisbon at a time of revolution. Entitled Scratching the Surface, the exhibition reflects on revolution as a time when walls turn into instruments of communication and hope for the masses, and the remnants of which become a decaying playground for this young artist as he searches for his place and identity.

At a time of revolution, when everything is in shambles, when you entire being is questioned and your need for self-expression is strong. Art becomes a tool. There’s something very emotional and riveting about this show. The face & people aren’t recognizable to me but I sense their suffering and struggle – the artists represents it very well, very humane and touching.

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