Shino and Ken’s Peaceful Hidden Fortress

by FOKaL on August 21, 2014

Shino and Ken’s Peaceful Hidden Fortress

Located in an ordinary suburban neighborhood, bold cedar cladding hides a tranquil retreat – introspection reigns in the Peaceful Hidden Fortress.

Architect Sebastian Mariscal listened to the wishes of clients Shino and Ken before deciding to blur the lines between traditional Japanese design ideals and modern decor. The home generally goes by the name Wabi House in print, referring to the “flawed beauty” and “natural simplicity” of the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

You can see the wabi-sabi idea embodied in the rock garden before raking the gravel, and the charred cedar cladding that obscures the refrigerator in the kitchen. The colorful Mah Jong sofa with delightfully mismatched modular cushions seems to fit the theme as well.

Speaking of that gorgeous sofa (it’s one of our favorites), we have always wanted to experiment with low-profile Japanese furnishings like the zaisu chairs and chabudai table, warm tatami mats and all.

Which minimalist design features would you borrow from the Peaceful Hidden Fortress? Take some time to stop by the comment section and share some of your ideas with us.

via: Dwell

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