Shop for Gemstones at Paraiba International

by FOKaL on March 17, 2012

Shop for Gemstones at Paraiba International

Are you looking for a better place to find dazzling gems for your collection? Paraiba International is a great place to start. Paraiba International has a huge selection of the highest quality gemstones. Here, you will find the classics like amethyst, emeralds, and sapphires but also unique and hard to find gems like one-of-a-kind watermelon tourmaline and flawless color change garnet.

The shopping experience is unlike any other. When you click on a gem of interest, you will see a page with a full description of the stone, accompanied by a high quality picture and video. The picture and video feature the actual gem you would receive – other websites just show a “similar” stone. Being able to view the gems allows you to feel like you’re working with a live jeweler.

Gems: For Fun and Financial Security

The selection caters to collectors, wearers, and investors alike. Gemstones are available in all cuts and sizes, from precisely cut stones ready for setting to huge, perfect gems that will make any appraiser fall out of their seat. Don’t forget to check out their range of beautiful jewelry; diamonds, spinel, and aquamarine abound.

One of the most intriguing collections at Paraiba International is the exquisite selection of tanzanite gems. These rare gemstones start as a pale shade of yellow, but they range from blue violet, to violet blue after heat treatment. The hills near Mount Kilimanjaro are the only place in the world to mine these beautiful stones – this might be the only place on Earth to find the enchanting tanzanite, and Paraiba International has a huge stock of these beautiful gems.

The generous 7-day money back guarantee is how this company assures your satisfaction. Paraiba International issues an “Identification Report & Appraisal” with every gemstone. You can even request official certification for a small fee. Are you ready to invest in a new fashionable piece of jewelry, or add another valuable gem to your collection? We love Paraiba International, and we think you will too.

Gemstones at Paraiba International

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