Single Family House in Mera – La Coruna

by FOKaL on January 27, 2011

Single Family House in Mera – La Coruna

A-cero designed the House in Mera – La Coruna to create a distinctive unity between modern aesthetics and real functionality.

The geometric facade features huge single pane windows, which allow the light to flood generously over the creative interior. Guests entering this private home will find themselves on the spacious and open main level, which consists of a living room, lounge, and kitchen, which all highlight dramatically grained exotic woods against luxurious neutrals and creams.

Antique light fixtures and an abundance of animal prints are showcased to give a touch of classic taste to the contemporary interior. Built-in storage makes a subtle nod to minimalism while the use of organic sculptures breathes life into this clean design. Brushed steel, polished surfaces, and plenty of reflective mirrors catch and utilize every bit of bright Spanish sun.

Straight lines, clean geometry and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean – is this a dream, or a designer fantasy?

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Contemporary Interior Design

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