Smart Tips for Small Bathroom Spaces

by FOKaL on March 17, 2012

Smart Tips for Small Bathroom Spaces

Rejuvenating a small bathroom is never an easy task! Everybody wants that spa experience but it is difficult to relax in a space that feels cramped or cluttered. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reclaim your bathroom – inch by inch – even if you’re working with a small budget.

Making a Big Impact in a Small Bathroom

1. Replace decor with accessories

Too many decorations steal valuable negative space. Even paintings on the wall and shelf-bound knickknacks can make a space feel smaller than it really is. Opt for functional accessories instead. Things like coordinated hand towels or a sleek wooden bath mat make much better use of visual real estate.

2. Small changes, big differences

Do whatever you can to eliminate shadows. Switch to lighter window shades (as transparent as possible) to make a room look bright and spacious. Upgrade the light bulbs or install fixtures that are more efficient if possible. Consider switching to a solid-colored shower curtain that hangs flat or pulls back neatly.

3. Switch to a space-saving vanity

Modern trends in bathroom vanities are in line with small space design. Vessel sinks, for instance, allow you to utilize a lower vanity with a more streamlined appearance. We also love beautiful bathrooms that make good use of wall-mounted vanities to achieve a lighter than air look.

4. Consider plumbing upgrades

Toilets are being made with slimmer tanks, sinks are available with smaller footprints, and shower stalls are becoming very small-bathroom friendly. Opt for space saving bathroom suites to save the most amount of money on the newest designs.

5. Rethink your shelving situation

Creating recessed shelves is a quick weekend job but there are faster ways to reclaim space in the bathroom. Sometimes removing an existing shelf level can make room for smart baskets, and slim but functional benches are a good way to justify more storage on the floor.

Experimenting with a fresh bathroom design is an exciting experience. Clean, uncluttered small bathrooms are beautiful – and another step closer to those spacious spa-like retreats that fill our dreams at night. Have you completed any weekend projects like these recently? We would love to hear about your awesome small bathroom transformations!

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